Developing cloud native applications is complex at scale. They have many moving parts that are changing constantly. Companies invest considerable engineering resources to build internal platforms that help developers maintain velocity and code quality. These platforms offer a fractured and bespoke experience to developers, require constant maintenance and provide no meaningful differentiation to the business.

We are focused on building a platform that provides a simple, intuitive and yet powerful developer experience for building cloud native applications that can address these challenges and provide the right blend of usability and flexibility. We enable developers to code, debug and test in a fraction of the time it took before and unlock massive improvements in engineering productivity for companies.



We genuinely care about and respect our team members. We realize we win as a team and have fun along the way!

Think Big

We love to think big and outside the box. We foster an environment where ideas are freely shared and discussed.

Bias towards Action

We bias towards trying things and iterating fast. As a young startup we seek to accelerate learnings.

Benefits and Perks

Founding Member Equity

We offer generous equity grants
to founding members

Competitive Salary

We offer salaries that are competitive
in the market

Health, Dental and Vision

We provide 100% of medical coverage
for employees

Fully Remote Work

We started and operate as a
fully remote company

Flexible Vacation Policy

Employees take time off as
needed to recharge

Learning and Development

We offer a generous budget for learning resources.